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Micro level steps that promote Mezzo and Macro Level Clinical Practice attuned to DEI by Latoyia Griffin, LCSW, CGP

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2022 NASW Nevada / North Dakota Virtual Conference

October 13, 2022

11:15PM-12:15PM PST

Gain practical tools that we can all utilize to more fully attend to infusion of attention to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our work. Increase sustainable Mezzo and Macro level organizational change.

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October 13-14, 2022

(9 CEU's Available)

Previous Events and Activities

An Evening with Dr. Kevin Nadal

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Fri, August 19, 2022

4:45 PM – 6:15 PM PDT

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$25 Non NCGPS Members

He has published over 100 works on multicultural issues in the fields of psychology and education. He is the author of ten books including Filipino American Psychology (2011, Wiley); That's So Gay: Microaggressions and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community (2013, APA); Microaggressions and Traumatic Stress (2018, APA). He has delivered hundreds of lectures across the United States, including the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

**For any who like to attend and are unable to, please register. A limited time recording will be made available for all who are registered before the start of the event**

AAPA (Asian American Psychological Association) Annual Convention (Virtual Convention)

Full Conference Schedule and Registration

September 30 to October 2, 2022

"Micro, Mezzo, Macro level steps for creating an Inclusive Group"

Latoyia Griffin Piper, LCSW, CGP

Friday November 5, 2021

10am-12pm Eastern (2 hrs)

Black and African American Women Radical Self Love

April 21, 2021 6-7:30pm Pacific, 9-10:30pm Eastern (repeated Monthly on the 3rd Wed of the month through Aug, 2021)

Women and Radical Self Love

April 28, 2021 6-7:30pm Pacific, 9-10:30pm Eastern (repeated monthly on the 4th Wed of the month through Aug, 2021)

51st NCGPS Clinical Conference Saturday July 10, 2021

"Widening the Circle"

Conference Co-Directors Latoyia Griffin Piper, LCSW, CGP and Paul Cox, MD, CGP

Full day offering with 2 sessions

Session 1:

Mind & Matter: Using Social Science to Facilitate Social Justice in Our Social Services

Featuring: Aziza Belcher-Platt, Ph.D

Session 2 :

Different Shades of Self: True Dialogue on Skin Color, Privilege & Bias

Featuring: Kavita Avula, Psy.D., CGP and Marcus Hummings, Psy.D., CGP

Events and Activities Around the Community

Academics for Black Survival and Wellness

Wellness Workshops for Black Identified, Anti-Racism Workshops for Allies

Recordings of Past Events:

NASW Town Hall: "The Other Pandemic: Racial Injustice"