Professional Consultation

Theoretical frameworks and modalities utilized include: family systems and systems oriented, feminist psychology and psychodynamic, culturally attuned practices centralizing the communal and collective interplay with the individual. Techniques infused include: motivational interviewing, harm reduction, DBT skills, and mindfulness practice. Attention to infusion of skill in the following:  whole person centered service (attentive to diverse health and abilities, and all of the facets of identity, including ethnic, cultural, racial identity, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious, spiritual, and family background, military service, area of the world or country of origin); attentive to ethical matters of inclusive safety (attentive to such matters as anti-racism, equity, social location, power and privilege, colorism, intersectionality, how to address microaggressions), and labor toward harm prevention as primary with supplement of injury/repair. 

Clinical Consultation Groups

Consultation Group for Clinicians of Diverse Identities Providing Inclusive Service                 

This group is a combination of didactic portions, parallel process, experiential.  It offers a space to authentically connect to address clinical concerns and skills in group settings with special attention to infusion of skill in the following: 

Consultation Group for Black/African American, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI, and additional POC Identified Clinicians                      

This group offers a more protective space to authentically connect, address clinical concerns, explore group dynamics, receive consultation relevant to groups facilitated.  It explores a range of aspects of group development and maintenance, including safety, transference, countertransference, seeing and supporting identity based concerns that arise within group.  This group is a combination of didactic, parallel process, experiential.  It will also include attention to the following: 

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision for those seeking Licensure as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Clinical Supervision for those seeking Certification as a Group Psychotherapist

Professional Organization Consultation Groups

Small Group Consultation Sessions and Policy/Procedure Review attuned to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 

  with those in Leadership

Corporate Consultation Groups

Small Group Corporate Support Sessions

Small Group Corporate Consultation for Managers